HoloLens 2: Microsoft’s Second Mixed Reality Headset Explained

Microsoft HoloLens 2 is the second version of the augmented reality (AR) headgear. Like the original version, HoloLens 2 uses a transparent visor to superimpose computer-generated images, which Microsoft refers to as “holograms,” over the user’s view of the real world. It has all of the same potential applications in gaming, productivity, and industry as the original. […]

Google Home vs. Alexa: Which Smart Speaker Is Best For You?

Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa-powered Echo devices are the two leading smart speaker lines for a reason. They both come in a variety of form factors, function quite well as virtual assistants, allow you to control a variety of smart home devices, and go toe to toe right down the line with a variety of […]

You can now buy Bloom & Wild

Flowers aren’t just for Valentine’s Day and we’ve long been fans of Bloom & Wild for making it easy to send letterbox blooms during lockdown. Now, the online flower delivery service is partnering with Sainsbury’s meaning you can now buy Bloom & Wild flowers in store too. The roll out of their exclusive collection of bouquets will begin with […]

This is the most Googled skincare ingredient

Despite the hoards of incoming skincare launches over the years, it’s been established that you really don’t have to have a hugely complicated routine to maintain a healthy complexion. In fact, if your skincare regime contains certain ingredients, you can keep it stripped back and simple, and still breathe easy that things will stay clear […]

50 Valentine’s Day gifts under £50

This year, we could all do with a reason to celebrate and treat our nearest and dearest, and Valentine’s Day is as good as any. Whether you’re a Valentine’s enthusiast or think it’s all a bit corny, either way it’s a nice excuse to spoil your special one and remind them how much they’re loved. Once […]