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This is the most Googled skincare ingredient

Despite the hoards of incoming skincare launches over the years, it’s been established that you really don’t have to have a hugely complicated routine to maintain a healthy complexion. In fact, if your skincare regime contains certain ingredients, you can keep it stripped back and simple, and still breathe easy that things will stay clear and healthy. 

One such ingredient is vitamin C. Along with things like a good SPF, hyaluronic acid, and retinol, vitamin C works well on every skin type, and can and should be incorporated into your routine, regardless of age or skin concern (just be careful if your skin is sensitive, and patch test first/ slowly introduce). This is largely because vitamin C is such a far-reaching ingredient, with many benefits we can all use.

Firstly, it is an effective antioxidant. This word is thrown around a lot, but what it actually means is that it protects against oxidative stress that outside environmental aggressors such as pollution put on the skin. Vitamin C neutralises this damage, keeping skin safe and healthy. 

The antioxidant ingredient also works to brighten, both visibly all-over, as well as in targeted areas that suffer from pigmentation. Uneven skin tones benefit most from vitamin C, as do those who suffer with dullness. 

The numerous benefits this ingredient offers mean it is a highly sought after ingredient, and one that Cult Beauty has deemed the most Googled, specifically the term: ‘What does vitamin C do for your skin?’ Vitamin C products will therefore always fly off the shelves, and there’s a vast range of ways you can use it in your routine, be it in cleansers, serums, or moisturisers.

While it’s up to you which formula you opt for, we recommend trying a vitamin C serum, as serum formulas are more targeted, and penetrate deeper into the skin. They are also leave-on formulas, rather than ones that you wash off. 

With that said, we have selected some of the most reliable vitamin C go-to’s. 

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